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Pekingese with Southern Charm

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Our New Star 

CooDeeFoo Christopher Robin

Ch. CooDeeFoo Ring of Fire X CooDeeFoo Coal Miner's Daughter

Owned by Ann and John Donohoe



 Am. and Can. CH. CooDeeFoo Well-Armed 

GCH. CooDeeFoo Bringin' on the Fire X CooDeeFoo Strawberry Wine

Special thanks to Gladys Knox for her expert care and conditioning of her special boy, "Lance"

He finished his title quickly with 5 majors; we are so very proud of Lance and Gladys!

Bred By: Eugene G. Hinson, III. & Randall C. Ferguson

Owned By: Gladys and Jerry Knox and Breeders

Shown finishing his Canadian Title


Specialty Weekend Wins


Congratulations to Betty Claire Peacock  Ch.* CooDeeFoo Coal and Copper 

Charlie finished with three majors in very quick order! To our knowledge, he is the first B&T 

US champion in many years.

Pictured below: "Charlie's" 5 point major at the Pekingese Club of Texas Specialty  Show!

Fin. Impt. Chilliwack's Victor d' Ares X CooDeeFoo Coal Miner's Daughter


Also, Thanks to Lynn Taylor for sharing this nice picture

 of Charlie's brother, Princeton. 


BISA BISS Can.GCh./Am.Ch.CooDeeFoo Enkido 

retires from the show ring with an Award of Merit 

at The Pekingese Club of America Specialty!

Our heartfelt thank you to Beth Ferrier on giving him 

a wonderful home and stellar show career!!

shown winning Select Dog at The Colony Pekingese Club


shown winning Group 1 and Reserve Best in Show at his first show in 2017

Am.GCh. CooDeeFoo Bringin' on the Fire X Am.Ch.CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee

Once again, he's ROLLing with the wins... 

Enkido is owned, loved, conditioned, and presented to perfection by Beth Ferrier.



New Champion: Am.Ch.CooDeeFoo Lily of the Valley

Lilee is owned and loved, by John and Ann Donohoe.

Big Congratulations to Ann on the fantastic job she did showing Lily to her title. 


Am.Ch. CooDeeFoo Hot Topic X CooDeeFoo Strawberry Wine




Can.Ch.CooDeeFoo Fear the Beard


Fin. Impt. Chilliwack's Victor d' Ares X CooDeeFoo Strawberry Wine

Owner Handled by Tammy Stirton

Co-owned by Breeders: Eugene G. Hinson III and Randall C. Ferguson

Watch "Bully" earning respect and admiration like his namesake Clemson's Famous Former #10: Ben Boulware

Baby Bully Above

Winning Group Ones as a Puppy! 


BISA BISS Can.GCh./Am.Ch.CooDeeFoo Enkido 



as a special, beautifully conditioned 

and owner-handled by Beth Ferrier.


Am.GCh. CooDeeFoo Bringin' on the Fire X Am.Ch.CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee


Am. Gch. CooDeeFoo Bringin' on the Fire X Am. Ch. CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee 

Enkido was ranked as the #1 Pekingese in Canada for 2016.

Canadian Wins: 2 BISA, 15 Gr.1, 18 Gr. 2, 6 Gr. 3, 4 Gr. 4, 1 BISS

American Wins: 2 5 pt major wins, 1 BISS from the classes over specials, 

Gr. 2 and Gr 4 placements

Spring offers

 renewal and anticipation of new beginnings. 

New Addition: Chilliwack's Victor d'Ares

Our sincere appreciation to Cynthia Dyson and Denis Rzan for allowing Ares to come to CooDeeFoo. Our congratulations to his breeder, Marja Askola, on breeding a dog with such outstanding conformation. We owe a debt of gratitude to our very dear friend Meredith Long and her daughter O'Malley Bannister for expertly caring for him as they drove him home from the Canfield, Ohio shows. We are delighted to have him for our B&T breeding program. 

A young lady to watch for...

Can. Ch. CooDeeFoo Lasting Impressions 

Am. Ch. CooDeeFoo Two Steppin' T'Taeplace, ROM X Am Ch. CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee 

CooDeeFoo Lasting Impressions 



Look for her with owner Beth Ferrier



Am. Grand Champion CooDeeFoo Bringin' on the Fire


Now the sire of two stunning puppies out of Ch. CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee

CooDeeFoo Temple Courtesan


Puppies @ 6 weeks with Breeder/ Co-owner Gene Hinson

 Baby Enkido

Enkido and Gilgamesh

Am./Can Ch. CooDeeFoo Enkido

Juvenile wins:


Best Puppy in Show

Group 3 and 4

on his first weekend out as a puppy!!!



Hylite's Nehemiah, bred by Mrs. Carol Hayduk and owned by us. 

(Muhlin Bobby Shaftoe X CooDeeFoo Only Just Begun)


Hopefuls for 2017 and beyond...

CooDeeFoo Strawberry Wine

Ch. CooDeeFoo Ring of Fire X Ch. CooDeeFoo Lady Violet Morrell de Leap


Baby "Carlene" below:



CooDeeFoo Brimstone Princess Fu

our B&T baby girl, pictured below at 5 months old

Brimstone is now the mother of :

Below: "Loretta" CooDeeFoo Coal Miner's Daughter (left) (bitch)

" Prince" CooDeeFoo Purple Rain (right) (dog)

" Prince" CooDeeFoo Purple Rain 

"Loretta" CooDeeFoo Coal Miner's Daughter

These blooms help us savor the days of summer...

Japanese Morning Glories add beauty to the late summer garden.

Memories of a glorious Autumn...

Am. and Can. GCh. CooDeeFoo Northern Star 

had two fabulous years in the ring:

Am. and Can. GCh. CooDeeFoo Northern Star aka "Houston" continues his winning in Canada, winning 15 Group 1st's, 10 Group 2nd's, 8 Group 3rd's, and 3 Group 4th's in 2014. 

He has remained consistently in the top three Pekes during 2014!!! 

Our congratulations to his owner/ handler Beth Ferrier for her expert care of Houston. 

Am Can. GCh CooDeeFoo Northern Star

Pastel by Dale Lewis a treasured gift from his owner/ handler Beth Ferrier



Thanks Beth for your lovely care and expert presentation of Houston.  

This lovely cover ad and the kind words within were beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of... 

Our thanks to all the Top Dog Weekly Staff!


TopDogWeekly's Cover Dog...HOUSTON

Houston, more formally known as Can & Am Ch. Coodeefoo Northern Star began his career at 10 months of age in the U.S. finishing his title with 4 majors, from the 9 – 12 class under well respected Toy and Breeder Judges, he then finished his Canadian title in short order.
Shown sparingly in 2014, Houston has been awarded 
bullet11 Group Firsts
bullet10 Group Seconds
bullet5 Group Thirds
bullet3 Group Fourths
Houston is currently one of Canada’s Top Ten Toys.
Houston was bred by, Eugene Hinson 111 and Randal Ferguson of South Carolina. Houston is a descendant of our beautiful homebred dog "Monet", Multi BIS BISS Am & Can Ch. Taeplace Monet who was Canada’s Top Dog of All Breeds in 2000. We are most grateful that Eugene and Randal have graciously allowed Houston to make his home here with us in Canada and be co-owned.
Houston’s first litters are on the ground and he already has champion offspring. He has proved to be an important addition to the Taeplace breeding program, his daughters we have kept on will continue the tradition of the healthy, sound, Pekingese we strive for at Taeplace.  
We would like to thank the Judges who have awarded Houston so highly in the ring in 2014, in what have been highly competitive toy groups in Ontario.

Registered Name: Am & Can GCh. Coodeefoo Northern Star
Call Name: Houston 
Owner: Beth Ferrier & Gene Hinson
Breeder: Gene Hinson & Randy Ferguson
Handler: Beth Ferrier - Taeplace Pekingese


Amaryllis, Clivia and Flowers of Spring 2014


CooDeeFoo Moonstruck


"Apollo" is now mature. 

BISS Ch. CooDeeFoo Red River X Ch. CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee

Our Current Stars:


Celebrating our 40th Homebred Champion

Ch. CooDeeFoo Ring of Fire 



Ch. CooDeeFoo Ring of Fire 


Now the sire of 4 beautiful puppies out of Ch. CooDeeFoo Lady Violet Morrell de Leap





Career Highlights of 

Am. Can Gch. Ch. CooDeeFoo Northern Star 




Houston had a great year in 2014: winning in Canada: 11 Group 1st's, 10 Group 2nd's, 4 Group 3rd's, and 3 Group 4th's.  

We are excited that Houston puppies are now in the ring. 

Click this link to see two of Houston's puppies owned and shown in a brace by Mr. Michael Guy:

Way to go Beth and Houston: 4 Group 1sts, 9 Group 2nds, and 12 other group placements in very limited showing in 2013. 

The perfect team: Beth and Houston!!!


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Homebred Champions

Other Champions 

In the Ring in 2014

Rainbow Bridge

2009 Puppies

Brood Bitches

Past Puppies

Nathan's Page 

English Visit 1997

Rulers of the House

Rescued or inherited 


Koi Pond

Past Garden Photos

The Daylilies

Garden Photo Pages



Butterfly in her new home with owner, Michaela .

Best of luck with her in the ring.  

          CooDeeFoo Marshmallow Kisses

                                 Pictured in her new home with Jamie Fox                      

We are very excited for the future.

Email enquiries to

Showing the transformation from puppy to young adult below:

CooDeeFoo Where There's Smoke

Baby Smoki

Smoki- adolescent  

Smoki Now...

Stafrost Mighty Warrior X CooDeeFoo Rise From The Ashes


More ... Career Highlights:

Am. Can. G Ch. CooDeeFoo Northern Star


Houston and Beth have taken the show ring by storm.  He completed his American and Canadian championships undefeated in the classes.  

In 2013, he was ranked in the top five Pekingese in Canada, 

winning four group firsts, nine group seconds, and eleven other placements.

Grand Champion

GCh.* CooDeeFoo Bringin' on the Fire- Sparxx

Sparxx has earned nine GCH majors and defeated another special four times.  He now has 35 GCH points

We hope to get him out a few more times in the future.  

Houston's Brothers: Apollo and Cash

BISS CH. CooDeeFoo Red River X Ch. CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee

Apollo: CooDeeFoo Moonstruck 

We are pleased Apollo behaved and was RWD at the Western Carolina Dog Fancier's Association.  

Our appreciation to judge Stephanie Hedgepath for your kind comments about this beautiful but stubborn boy.

We are very proud of his breed type and excellent conformation.


Cash: Ch. CooDeeFoo Ring of Fire

Cash: Ch. CooDeeFoo Ring of Fire

Cash finished at the Clemson Kennel Club, winning his 3rd major.  



What Empress Dowager Cixi said of the Pekingese

Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Dowager Cixi, said:

Let the Lion Dog be small; let it wear the swelling cape of dignity around its neck; let it display the billowing standard of pomp above its back.

Let its face be black; let its forefront be shaggy; let its forehead be straight and low.

Let its eyes be large and luminous; let its ears be set like the sails of war junk; let its nose be like that of the monkey god of the Hindus.

Let its forelegs be bent; so that it shall not desire to wander far, or leave the Imperial precincts.

Let its body be shaped like that of a hunting lion spying for its prey.

Let its feet be tufted with plentiful hair that its footfall may be soundless and for its standard of pomp let it rival the whick of the Tibetans’ yak, which is flourished to protect the imperial litter from flying insects.

Let it be lively that it may afford entertainment by its gambols; let it be timid that it may not involve itself in danger; let it be domestic in its habits that it may live in amity with the other beasts, fishes or birds that find protection in the Imperial Palace.

And for its color, let it be that of the lion – a golden sable, to be carried in the sleeve of a yellow robe; or the colour of a red bear, or a black and white bear, or striped like a dragon, so that there may be dogs appropriate to every costume in the Imperial wardrobe.

Let it venerate its ancestors and deposit offerings in the canine cemetery of the Forbidden City on each new moon. Let it comport itself with dignity; let it learn to bite the foreign devils instantly.

Let it be dainty in its food so that it shall be known as an Imperial dog by its fastidiousness; sharks fins and curlew livers and the breasts of quails, on these may it be fed; and for drink give it the tea that is brewed from the spring buds of the shrub that groweth in the province of Hankow, or the milk of the antelopes that pasture in the Imperial parks.

Thus shall it preserve its integrity and self-respect; and for the day of sickness let it be anointed with the clarified fat of the legs of a sacred leopard, and give it to drink a throstle’s eggshell full of the juice of the custard apple in which has been dissolved three pinches of shredded rhinoceros horn, and apply it to piebald leeches.

So shall it remain – but if it dies, remember thou too art mortal.


Our precious niece, Madelyn !!!

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Homebred Champions

Other Champions 

In the Ring in 2014

Ch. CooDeeFoo Ring of Fire

... the journey to his title...

"Cash" @ 11 weeks above &

@ 4 months below

Cash @ 8 months below

BISS Ch. CooDeeFoo Red River X Ch. CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee

Cash at one year below:

Cash completed his title winning three majors and all points from the BBE class. 


More Career Highlights:

Am. Can. Gch. Ch. CooDeeFoo Northern Star*


BISS Ch. CooDeeFoo Red River X Ch. CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee

On his debut weekend in the US show ring, Houston won four consecutive majors totaling 14 pts, he earned his American title undefeated in the classes.

In Canada, Houston is really making a name for himself under the expert guidance of master breeder and his owner/handler, Beth Ferrier of Taeplace fame.  He made up his Canadian title in short order-undefeated in the classes and won a Group 1st, 2nd, 3rd from the classes.  

Our sincere appreciation to Beth Ferrier for her dedicated care of Houston. We are proud that he's your boy!!!

Houston winning Best in Sweeps from Pekingese expert Linda Torrance, handler of the legendary St. Aubrey- Elsdon Pekingese.

Below Houston finishing his Am. Title...


Best Owner Handled Dog in Show

 Flash: Grp 2 in tough competition at St. Francis in Eastern Quebec. 

Another Group Placement under a Columbian judge

Owned by Beth Ferrier, Perth, Ont. Canada and co-owned by the home kennel

Baby Houston below:

Houston before he left CooDeeFoo to live in Canada.

Below, in Canada during his first few days in his new home.


See Houston as a puppy in handling class:

We are extremely excited about this very promising young dog.  

We wish Houston and his new owner/handler Beth Ferrier great success in the ring. 

We are proud that Beth graciously agreed for him to be co-owned by the home kennel. 

The third boy in the litter is equally impressive!!!


CooDeeFoo Moonstruck


@ 4 months below

 These boys were born during the super moon...

Apollo @ 8 months below:


Litter by Starfrost Eclipse representing the uniformity we've worked diligently to achieve. 

Click for pedigree for litter: Pedigree

The first puppy leaves with new owners...


Born on Leap Year... February 29th, 2012

This girl will remain at CooDeeFoo:

Ch. CooDeeFoo Lady Violet Morrell de Leap

"Ottoline" @ 4 months

Starfrost Eclipse X Hylite Another Chance to Dream


"Ottoline" @ 10 months

Starfrost Eclipse ( B & T)  X Hylite Another Chance to Dream

Our appreciation to Lib Pedery for the sound beginning we had with 

Ch. Starfrost Wily Waciana, ROM many years ago. 

Now with Clipper  and Warrior, we have  the opportunity to have that 

beautiful, soft Starfrost expression in our dogs for many years to come.

Ottoline's face says Starfrost, and I love you with only a glance.

Every time we see her, we remember Mindy and her years of dedication to Pekingese.

R.I.P. Melinda Pedery: we were proud to call you our friend.

Ottoline finished her title in very limited showing. 


CooDeeFoo Lady Anne Morrell de Leap


Starfrost Eclipse X Hylite Another Chance to Dream

Now owned by Karen and Tony Robison.  We wish them many days of happiness with her.

Baby Ovaline

Ovaline @ 4 months

CooDeeFoo Chili Rouge de Leap

Now owned and loved by Kay Main.

Ch. CooDeeFoo Cherry   Jubilee...

now a proud mother...  

pictured as a promising young puppy:

Ch. CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee@ 9 months

Ch. CooDeeFoo Comic Hero X Ch. CooDeeFoo Delicious Surprise

Her first litter below:

Cherry completed her title under Judge Mr. Des Manton from Ireland.  

Thanks to Mr. Manton for the kind comments about our very special girl.

Our appreciation to Mr. Bill Cunningham and Dr. David Doane for her major wins.

I also wish to thank our dear friend Bill Mayfield (pictured above) for making the trip with me to Concord and helping me with showing Cherry to her title.

One of my summer favorites... Gloriosa Lily 

Grand Champion

GCh. CooDeeFoo Ring of Fire 



BISS Ch. CooDeeFoo Red River X Hylite Another Chance to Dream

Sparxx finished his title in only eight shows. Our sincere appreciation to Mrs. Joyce Fortney and Mrs. Barbara Alderman for his major wins.  

Our appreciation to Craig Wilson for taking this great photo.

Sparxx waiting ringside on the day he won his 1st major.

@ 7 months. below

@5.5 months below...

Look for him to warm your heart... 

Photos of Sparxx @ 5.5 months.

A lovely yellow Clivia...

CooDeeFoo Can U Feel Me

"Vibe" @ 7 months


Vibe has now earned his first three points in the ring. He has matured into a beautiful dog that is settling and liking showing better each time he's out.



Grand Champion


  GCH. CooDeeFoo Rumble N' Roar  


Shelby made the cut of the top 25 Pekingese to qualify for the 2011

AKC Eukanuba National Championship Show... 

He finished the 2011 as #10 Pekingese in the USA.

We are very proud of him!

From then...

Until now...

Flash: Shelby has now earned five GC majors and 25 points towards his Grand Champion title...He is the first CooDeeFoo dog to achieve this new AKC title...

Career Highlights...

*****************In July, he was awarded BOB all three days at the Greenville SC shows and received a Group 4th placement at the Greenville Kennel Club on Friday Our appreciation to Judge Jean Fournier********************* Shelby earned another Group 4th placement at the Augusta Kennel Club show on 10-7-11... Our appreciation to Judge Mr. T. Killcullen for this honor. 


Shelby was BOB both days at The Western Carolina Dog Fanciers summer shows.  We are very proud of him.

Ch. CooDeeFoo TwoStepn' T'Taeplace X Ch. Hylite Scarlet Romance

Shelby finished with four majors in very limited showing.

Our appreciation to Judges Mrs. Susan St. John Brown,  Mr. Frederick Stephens, Mrs. Dorothy Martin and Dr. David Doane for Shelby's major wins.


New Champion

Ch. CooDeeFoo Hot Topic...@ 2 years... "Redmond" is Shelby's litter brother.

Now Ch. Tang @ 10 Months...representing a typical CooDeeFoo puppy...

Ch. CooDeeFoo Bing Tanghulu as a mature bitch below:


Camellias cut from the CooDeeFoo garden 3-4-2011



Safyre She's Like the Wind- bred by Joy Carpenter- Pictured at 14 years old!!!

She was with us for 17 years and 7 days; this time passed by much too quickly!

Our house and garden with a few of the other residents besides Pekes...

Black & Tan Pekes

Casual Photos of "Clipper" ... Starfrost of our rare treasures...  We adore him..

Starfrost Eclipse- bred by Elizabeth Pedery...

Clipper is NOT at public stud.  

Our appreciation to Elizabeth Pedery for allowing Clipper to come to live at CooDeeFoo

Pedigree for “Clipper”- Starfrost Eclipse


Our second Black and Tan  male Pekingese... Starfrost Mighty Warrior- bred by Mollie Flores a gift to us from Elizabeth Pedery... 

Thanks, Lib... We love him..

Pedigree for Starfrost Mighty Warrior

CooDeeFoo Smokin'Hot 


Baby Ember... growing on well- shown here @ 14 weeks below.


CooDeeFoo Smokin' Hot     

Ember now showing her tan markings

We sometimes have puppies with show potential available to discerning  homes... 

We also occasionally have adults/puppies for companion homes. 

If you just want to look at puppy pictures, there should be enough photos on this website to satisfy you. 

Please email with specifics of what you want...

PLEASE... Serious inquiries only...

CooDeeFoo Rodeo Amour "Buck" @ 3 weeks

Buck is now owned and loved by Bonnie Elam. 

 He is pictured below admiring himself in his new chic surroundings...  

Thanks, Bonnie, for the GREAT picture of Buck.  He is fortunate to have you.   

CooDeeFoo My Fair Lady...  "Ali"

Ali @ 9 weeks

Ali @ 7 months... Picture by proud owner, Micaela Andreescu de Roman...

Thanks, Micaela for keeping Ali in such beautiful condition!!!!



"Phoenix" CooDeeFoo Rise From T' Ashes

Phoenix is now at home with Penny Baskin.






2011 SHOWS 

Ch. CooDeeFoo Lookin' For A Good Time   "Trixie"

Ch. CooDeeFoo TwoStepn' T'Taeplace X CooDeeFoo Double Trouble

Shown defeating her half-brother pictured above and a specials dog at only 8 months of age...A beautiful start for this baby girl.

Trixie finished with three majors in very limited showing... She is maturing into a tank of a bitch...

Our appreciation to Mrs. Susan St. John Brown and Mrs. Dorothy Martin, and Mrs. Barbara Alderman for her major wins.

Trixie's title qualifies her sire for ROM designation.



Randy Ferguson with Ch. CooDeeFoo Hot Topic "Redmond"

Our appreciation to Mr. Bill Cunningham and Mr. David Kirkland for his major wins.

Redmond is maturing into a beautiful small, elegant dog...

He finished his title at the Lawrenceville Kennel Club on August 27th. To date, he has three BOB wins. He has been awarded three select dog designations at recent shows. 

The Beautiful Blooms of Summer



Ch.  CooDeeFoo Bing Tang Hulu @ 9 months

Ch. CooDeeFoo Bing Tanghulu... Tang  finished with two 4 point majors.  Tang has lots of pizzazz and really enjoys the show ring. 

Tang whelped two lovely daughters sired by GCh CooDeeFoo Rumble n' Roar

Tang won a four point major on June 18th at The Western Carolina Dog Fanciers... and another 4 point major in Winston- Salem in December.  Our sincere appreciation to Mr. David Kirkland and Mrs. Houston Clark for these exciting wins. She finished at the Greenville SC summer shows under judge Joyce Fortney. 

Ch. CooDeeFoo Comic Hero X Ch. CooDeeFoo Delicious Surprise

Click on the link below for Tang and Cherry's pedigree:

                    Pedigree for Litter: Ch. CooDeeFoo Comic Hero X Ch. CooDeeFoo Delicious Surprise                                       


Some of our collections that inspire memories of times past...


Rainbow Bridge....Remembering the Pekes who were dear to us, but have traded their earthy bodies for eternity ....

click  picture for Past Pekes page...

Rest in Peace

The life of a dog, just like the life of a man, passes by much more rapidly than expected.


Cherry and Tang as babies...

2 months old

6 weeks old

14 days

CooDeeFoo... Bing Tanghulu, Ms. G. and Cherry Jubilee...

 Click here to see our 2009 & 2010 CHAMPIONS  PAGE


South Carolina is the Palmetto State




Any time is a great time for bird watching....

Awards for CooDeeFoo Pekingese:

 Pekingese Club of America- Register of Merit Breeders

Breeders of Excellence Award, The Pekingese Association

2010 Breeder Exhibitors of the Year Award, The Pekingese Association

Eugene G. Hinson. III. - AKC Golden Medallion for more than 10 BBE Champions

 Randall C. Ferguson - AKC Golden Medallion for more than 10 BBE Champions

Named in 2011: 

Eugene G. Hinson, III.  AKC Breeder of Merit

Randall C. Ferguson  AKC Breeder of Merit

Register of Merit Sires:

Ch. CooDeeFoo Two Steppin' TTaeplace 

Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Storm

Ch. CooDeeFoo Southern Venture

Ch. Starfrost Hot Summer Night

Register of Merit Bitches:

Ch. Starfrost's Wily Waciana

Ch. Taralon Southern Belle


301 Gassaway Street, Central, SC 29630

email us at:



Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Moon

Nathan and Anna from a Fur Ball Fashion Show for the Jackson Hole no kill shelter in March.


Gene showing "Wilson" Ch. CooDeeFoo Magic Man to 4 pt major win/ BOB/ BBE Gr. 1st, Toy Gr. 4th in Wilmington, NC


45 Homebred Champions:

29 Dogs        16 Bitches

1. Ch. CooDeeFoo Candita Gable, 2. Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Storm, ROM, 3. Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Solstice, 4. Ch. CooDeeFoo Southern Venture, ROM, 5. Ch. CooDeeFoo Walhalla Dream Man, 6. Ch. CooDeeFoo Sum Bee of Peh Kai, 7. Ch. CooDeeFoo Peh Kai Autumn Sky, 8. Ch. Peh Kai CooDeeFoo Love Song, 9. Ch. Starfrost Wild Venture, 10. Ch. CooDeeFoo Christmas Wish, 11. Ch. CooDeeFoo Peh Kai Latin Dance, 12. Ch. CooDeeFoo Coosawhatchie, 13. BISS Ch. CooDeeFoo Red River, 14. Ch. CoodeeFoo Cullasaja, 15. Ch. CoodeeFoo Withacoochie, 16. Ch. CooDeeFoo Little Pee Dee, 17. Ch. CooDeeFoo Red Moon Rising, 18. Ch. CooDeeFoo Taliesin, 19. Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Moon, 20. Ch. CooDeeFoo Whole Lotta Love, 21. Ch. CooDeeFoo Misty Morning, 22. Ch. CooDeeFoo Family Tradition, 23. Ch. CooDeeFoo Turn Back Time, 24. Ch. CooDeeFoo Two Step'n T'Taeplace, ROM, 25. Ch. CooDeeFoo Solid Orange, 26. Ch. CooDeeFoo Delicious Surprise, 27. Ch. CooDeeFoo Solid Foundation, 28. Ch. CooDeeFoo Magic Man, 29. Ch. CooDeeFoo Cowboy Up, 30. Ch. CooDeeFoo Comic Hero, 31. Ch. CooDeeFoo My Kinda Girl, 32. GCh. CooDeeFoo Rumble N' Roar 

33. Ch. CooDeeFoo Hot Topic,  34. Ch. CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubliee 35. Ch. CooDeeFoo Bing Tanghulu 36. GCh. CooDeeFoo Bringin' on the Fire,  37. Ch. CooDeeFoo Lookin' for a Good Time, 38. Am. & Can GCh. CooDeeFoo Northern Star, 39. Ch. CooDeeFoo Lady Violet Morrell de Leap 40. Ch. CooDeeFoo Ring of Fire 41. Am. Ch. Can GCh CooDeeFoo Enkido 42. Am. Ch. CooDeeFoo Lily of the Valley 43. Ch. CooDeeFoo Well Armed 44. Ch. CooDeeFoo Coal and Copper 45. Ch. CooDeeFoo Just Peachy

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Orange Sovereign Amaryllis a gift from Elizabeth Pedery of Starfrost Pekingese.

Freedom is precious...


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