Homebred Champions- (Years prior to 2006)


Ch. CooDeeFoo Christmas Wish 


(Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Storm ROM X CooDeeFoo Rani Arabella)

Rojo is the product of a half brother/ half sister 

mating on Ch. Starfrost Wily Waciana, ROM.  

“Rojo” finished with three majors.  

He is the sixth champion produced by his sire, 

Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Storm, and the second champion 

for his dam, CooDeeFoo Rani Arabella.  

We thank, Mrs. Barbara Alderman, Mrs. Charlotte Patterson, 

and Mr. David Kirkland for his major wins.



Ch. CooDeeFoo Red Moon Rising


Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Storm  ROM

CooDeeFoo Moonlight Madness)

Moonie finished with four major wins.  

His last two wins pictured below were five point majors.

We are very proud of this boy.


It's almost "Ring Time" an d , I  won !!!!!




One Litter: 

Three Champions…

                                                                                                            ~~~~   Pee Dee ,Twister & Sweets 

Portrait by Lanette Payne 2005

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Ch. CooDeeFoo Little Pee Dee

"Pee Dee"

Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Storm  ROM  X  Ch. Pehkai  CooDeeFoo Love Song

Finally, little brother "Pee Dee"  had a chance to shine in the ring. 

Most times when shown with brother, "Sweets" , he was RWD. 

Pee Dee finished his title with three majors.

He was breeder owner handled to all of his wins.

"Pee Dee" has the courage of a LION and at shows barks confidently at

even the most menacing Rottie & Dobes!!!



Pee Dee, You've come a long way, little man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      


New Championship Photo

February, 2005

Ch. CooDeeFoo Cullasaja


Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Storm   X  Ch. Pehkai CooDeeFoo Love Song

Sweets" was the second littermate to complete his title.  Our sincere

appreciation to Judge Charlotte Clem McGowan 

for this prestigious win on the competitive Perry, GA circuit.  

We were impressed with your knowledge

of our breed and your "right on the money" 

assessment of each or our exhibits.

It was a HUGE pleasure to finish this boy under 

such a discriminating critic as yourself. 

Many thanks also to Judge Mildred Bryant 

shown here  awarding him a Toy Group IV in stiff competition.

“Sweets” wins include:

BOW Lawrenceville, GA Kennel Club, Judge Carol Beattie

BOB, Hendersonville, NC Kennel Club, Judge Stephen Hurt

BOB, Spartanburg, SC Kennel Club, Judge Dennis McCoy

BOW, Derby Town Pekingese Club Specialty Show #1, Breeder Judge Joseph A. Riney, Jr.

BOW Major Win, Piedmont Kennel Club, Judge Sammy Draper

WD/BOS Major Win Columbia Kennel Club, Judge Lee Canalizo

BOB Major Win Augusta Kennel Club, Judge Charlotte Clem McGowan

BOB/ Toy Group Fourth Atlanta Kennel Club, Judge Mildred Bryant

Twister and Sweets-7 weeks


Sweets winning at Derbytown Pekingese Specialty Show


Sweets- adolescent



Ch. CooDeeFoo Withacoochie


Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Storm ROM  X  Ch. Pehkai CooDeeFoo Love Song

 (BOW 5pt specialty major NCIPC 1996 ) ( Two 5pt specialty majors PCG BOW 2000 & WB 2001)

Twister" completed her title in style by winning the  Breed 

for a three point major over the boys under Judge Lee Canalizo.  

Her Career started with WB/BOS at The Greater Atlanta Toy Dog 

Show, Breeder Judge Mike Moore.  

She went on to win WB/BOS for a four point major 

at the Charleston Kennel Club under Judge June Penta.  

She also was WB/BOS at  the Derby Town Pekingese Club Specialty Show 

under Breeder Judge Joseph A. Riney, Jr. 

We send our appreciation all of the judges that recognized  her virtues

 in spite of her comical and often very naughty behavior.  

She lives up to her name each and every day!!!.  

Thanks to our friend, Terrier Handler; Frank Long 

who held "Twister" many times at ringside for us to show the 

boys.  Frank, your tour of duty is over!!!  

Special thanks to our friend, Photographer Extraordinaire, 

Phyllis Ensley for having the patience to capture 

Twister's spirit in this lovely head study. 

Twister is the dam of five lovely puppies in her first litter by "Butch." 

Look for them in the ring in 2008.

Portrait of Twister as a baby by Lanette Payne


Ellie-Mae's Babies

Twister, Pee Dee , Ted Dee, & Sweets


Brother Ted Dee in his pet home.  Grew up nicely!

BISS Ch. CooDeeFoo Red River 


(Ch. Starfrost Hot Summer Night X Ch. Taralon Southern Belle)

Litter brother to Goran pictured below,

 Boris went to the Atlanta shows to get some experience, 

and won back to back majors on his first trip away from home.  

Boris has been owner handled by Randy to all of his wins.  

We are extremely proud of this boy!!!  

A real breeder's dog, he has many things to like.  

Our favorite thing about Boris is his wonderful personality. 

Our appreciation to judges Danny Moore, Vicki Abbott , 

Dr. Steve Keating, Joe Gregory 

and Dr. Robert Berndt for his major wins.  

He finished with five majors.  

It was a GREAT honor to finish him under 

Pekingese expert, Dr. Berndt!!!


Boris shown here winning BISS at the Pekingese Club of Georgia 

from the classes over two beautiful specials, one our own "Sweets."   

This was a very BIG day for Boris and Randy!!!!


Ch. CooDeeFoo Coosawhatchie 

" Goran "

(Ch. Starfrost Hot Summer Night X Ch. Taralon Southern Belle ROM)

Photo by Phyllis Ensley

Goran- candid puppy shot


Goran in route to his title>

 "Goran” has enjoyed an exciting show career!   

He won his first major in stiff competition at the Atlanta, GA shows 

under Breeder Judge and Pekingese Expert Mr. Tony Rosato 

and his second major under Judge Roger Hartinger.  

He completed his title before he was ten months old. 

  “Goran” is owned and loved by Carol Hayduk and co-owned by us. 


Carol did a wonderful job conditioning “Goran” 

and training him for the ring. 

“Goran” will be shown occasionally, as a special, 

when we think the judges may like a small dog. 

A”BIG” 8 lbs, he is “Much in Small.”  

Our thanks to all the judges that 

awarded him points towards his title.  

Thanks to Judges Dr. Sammy Draper 

and Mr. Joe Gregory for his BOB wins 

and our sincere appreciation to 

Mr. Ed Biven for awarding “Goran” a Toy Group Two.

Goran is now proving himself 

as a superior sire with  three  champions and several pointed offspring in the ring. 


Ch. CooDeeFoo Pehkai Latin Dance


(Ch. CooDeeFoo Southern Venture X Genisim Killer Queen) 

6 months old- -winning her first poin

These pictures show how our sweet Carmen 

matured from a cute puppy 

into a mature, chunky bitch.  

She won a point on her first day in the ring, 

and once she decided to quit smelling 

the ground like a scent hound, 

she did well in the ring.  


Carmen was RWB to a 4pt. major 

at the Pekingese Club of Georgia Specialty Show in 2002. 

She finished her title in Atlanta, Georgia in 2003 

under breeder judge Vicki Abbott.  

Our appreciation to Mrs. Abbot and to Dennis McCoy 

for her major wins.   

She was the fifth champion offspring 

sired by Ch. CooDeeFoo Southern Venture 

and the third champion for her dam, Genisim Killer Queen.  

Carmen is now retired and lives a life of luxury 

with Keith and Rita McIntyre and Ty.

She was never bred because of her small size.


Carmen- RWB, Pekingese Club of Georgia 2002


Carmen- just coming into adult coat

Carmen's championship photo by Phyllis Ensley



Ch. Starfrost Wild Venture


(Ch. CooDeeFoo Southern Venture X CooDeeFoo Rani Arabella)

Vincent" finished with Majors under 

breeder judge Dr. Gareth Morgan-Jones and Mr. Desmond Murphy.  

On this occasion, he was BOB over specials.  

He was a difficult dog to show... 

had to always do a few laps around the show building with him 

to tire him out before going in the ring.   

Nick named "Speedy" by our friends 

for his boundless and frustrating energy level.  



Ch. Peh Kai CooDeeFoo Love Song


(Ch. CooDeeFoo  Southeren Venture X Genisim Killer Queen)

Litter sister to "Levi" Ellie-Mae is pictured here as a young puppy, 

defeating here brother for BOW under respected breed authority, 

Mrs. Anna Wanner.  

Ellie-Mae completed her championship in style by winning 

two-five point majors 

at the 

Pekingese Club of Georgia Specialty Show 


2000 & 2001 ! ! !

She is the mother of three champions from her one and only litter.

Ch. CooDeeFoo Peh Kai Autumn Sky


(Ch. CooDeeFoo Southern Venture X Genisim Killer Queen)

Levi winning the Breed under Mr. Alan Harper.

At the Beaufort, SC show.


Levi & Ellie-Mae

Winning their point together on their first day in the ring 

at six months old on the day :)!!!

Group Four as a 6 month old puppy.  

Thank you Pekingese expert and author Dr. Robert Berndt.

Levi completed  his title at ten months of age.  

All points are from  the Bred by Exhibitor class!!!!

Co-owned and co-bred with Don Johnson of Peh Kai Pekingese, Greer S. C.

Sadly, Levi died very unexpectedly from prostate and colon cancer.  

He is sorely missed!!!


A romp on the beach at Huntington Island State Park 

after the Beaufort show, 2000 on Sunday before the trip home to Central, S.C.

Ch. CooDeeFoo Walhalla Dream Man


(Ch. Lon-Du Dee Rain Budah X Ch. Starfrost's Wily Waciana ROM)

Waciana's 4th. champion offspring.   

Shown here winning with kennel mate, Starfrost Sweet Victoria 

under the guidance of   friend and mentor, 

Mrs. Irene Reasons of Lakshmi fame.  

Irene showed him for us to one of his major wins.  

Thank You, Irene. 

Jonathan would really have been a big winner 

if only he'd had more ear fringes :(!!!!

Ch. CooDeeFoo Southern Venture, ROM


(Lotusgrange Cee You Soon X Ch. Prima Crown Kate Zoe)

Finished with all points from the Bred By Exhibitor Class. 

Our first Bred By Exhibitor champion.  

Proved himself as a superior sire!!!  Seven champion offspring!!!

Still alive and well at thirteen.

Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Solstice


(Int. Ch. Colhamdorn Preston X Ch. Starfrost's Wily Waciana ROM)

Presented for us in the ring by   Barbara Streemke  & Teri  Lyddon, PHA.  

Ete` is the sire of  Ch. Starfrost Hot Summer Night ," Chaser".

Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Storm, ROM


Owned and handled to his title by 

our friend Barbara Streemke of Prima Pekingese.  

Stormy won Sweepstakes in 1995, and then BOW in 1996 for a 5 pt. major 

at The North Central Illinois Pekingese Club Specialty Show.  

He is the sire of Ch. Prima Helza Stormin' Euqenia  ~ 

named by Barbara after Gene.

Stormy is also the sire of our Chs. "Twister,"  "Sweets," and "Pee Dee"

"Moonie" and  "Rojo." 

Ch. CooDeeFoo Candita Gable


(BISS BISA  Ch. Briarcourt's Damien Gable X Ch. Starfrost's Wily Waciana ROM)

Handled for us in the ring by David Fitzpatrick and Jason Hoke.  

Candy was WB and BOS at the Pekingese Club of Georgia in 1995 

under respected judge Anne Rogers-Clark.

Sadly ,Candy had a poor blood supply to her uterus 

and could never carry a pregnancy to term.