New Champions for 2011

 GCH. CooDeeFoo Rumble N' Roar


Flash: Shelby has now completed the requirements for his Grand Champion title... 

Ch. CooDeeFoo Rumble N' Roar   "Shelby"

Ch. CooDeeFoo Two Step'n T'Taeplace X Ch. Hylite Scarlet Romance

Shelby has six BOB wins with two of them over a finished champion with group placements. He finished with four majors He was recently awarded a Group 4th placement at the Greenville Kennel Club show. .. He also won another Group 4th placement on 10/7/11 at the Augusta Kennel Club Show.


Baby Shelby below:


Ch. CooDeeFoo Hot Topic  "Redmond"

Ch. CooDeeFoo Two Step'n T'Taeplace X Ch. Hylite Scarlet Romance

Redmond completed his title at the Lawrenceville Kennel Club show on August 26, 2011. He is maturing into a beautiful small, elegant dog...He was pulled in the group in Newnan, GA, making us very hopeful about his future. He has three select dog designations at recent shows.

His Namesake: Redmond O'Neil- son of Farrah Fawcett

Baby Redmond below:

CooDeeFoo Hot Topic  "Redmond"

Ch. CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee

Red Bitch Puppy: CooDeeFoo Cherry Jubilee "Cherry" @ 9 months

Ch.CooDeeFoo Comic Hero X Ch. CooDeeFoo Delicious Surprise

Thanks to Bill Mayfield for all his help with showing Cherry to her title. 

 Thanks to Judges Bill Cunningham and Dr. David Doane for her major wins. 

July 4th... We saw images of Cherry in the fireworks...