Around Central, SC

Our sleepy little town is especially peaceful at night SNZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!

A newly renovated 'old school house'

Now being rented out for apartments, and looking for other businesses as new tenants.

That Old School House at night

Mt. Zion Methodist Church

Downtown, Central

An old school house on Church street that was converted into apartments for students attending nearby Clemson University.

This old building has been a drug store, a second-hand store, and now a quilt shop.

Italian restaurant, Villa Luigi, Main Street

A fireman's garden

Sits at the corner of the firehouse

Central Station Cafe, Main Street

 A great place to eat on Sundays, if you can beat the church crowd.

Central History Museum, Church Street

Our neighbor's behind us

John & Sherry Youngblood

Our neighbor's across the street

Karen & Joe Head

Our neighbors house

Kris & Beth Bowman


On our way to see the Tigers play!!!!

solid orange




Let's Tailgate!!!!!  


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