CooDeeFoo Cottage...Then...

10 years ago


The CooDeeFoo Cottage

Built in 1936, this cottage has been home to many families.  It housed the first telephone service in Central, SC. A work in progress, it is always in need of some sort of repairs :)!!! It has been the home of the CooDeeFoo menagerie for more than  20 years.

Filled with memories of family and friends, we especially enjoy our home during the holidays.


Snow before Christmas in CooDeeFoo Land!!!

h. Niger ~ "the Christmas rose" is the first flower to bloom in the winter garden.

Grasses, like this varigated carex add texture in all seasons.

h. foetidus in snow in the January garden.


Blue phlox transplanted in this garden  from Gene's late Aunt Alice's garden provides beauty for yet another generation of Southerners!!!

We try to plan our garden for beauty through the seasons.

Martha Sue is named after our neighbor's mother, Martha Sue Gaines Hatahula and lives up to her name every single day. Her attitude keeps us laughing.  Hand-raised by Gene while her mother recovered from an unexpected c-section.  No her mother was not a Pekingese :)!!!

Gene has been known to create some strange arrangements!!!!!

One of Gene's table arrangements at Thanksgiving


Japanese Anemones add color to the late summer garden.

Forsythia showing Autumn colors

Flowers from the early spring garden.

Named for Boy George , this tiny kitten grew up to be huge . George' s territory is anywhere he wants to be.  At 18 lbs., we don't argue  with him too much ! ! !

Randy & Martha Sue

Many helebore hybrids add color to the winter garden.  Their best month is February.

Viburnums add interest in all seasons.

Azaleas and "honesty"  put on a show that warms the heart, and even tempts us to stay home instead of going to dog shows.

Wisteria in bloom, on the corner of the house

Gene's brother, Roger, and his son Jordan take good care of the CooDeeFoo gang while we're away at shows.


Roger & Jordan ....& Shiela for letting them help us.







Japanese Maple showing fall color.  This tree shades the Pekingese final resting place. Dogs and cats that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge live on through this beautiful tree.


Roger and his wife, Sheila

Christmas 2001

Gene judging 'Sweeps' at the Pekingese Club of Texas Specialty Show, 2001

Gene in Savannah, Ga





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