Ch. CooDeeFoo Summer Moon

Nathan's new look for summer 2007.  Pictured with Rescue Brother Sir Eddie Zakroff.  Now, he's really a lion dog!!!



Nathan is now in a wonderful new home at Quartermaster Farm... Below are some 

pictures from our visit to Colorado with his new owners

Michael, Anna & their lovely daughter Norma.... 

This picture was taken at the 50th anniversary party for the Pekingese Club of Georgia.   Irene Reasons is visiting with Michael and Anna. They came to the show to meet Nathan and to watch him being shown.......

On our way to the Rockies.


Anna's 'cool" car that we drove on our journey to Rocky Mountain National Park... I even got to drive it on the way back. "SWEET"!!! 

  Thanks, Anna....  Randy

The Rockies... so beautiful!!!

Lyons, Colorado.  You'll have to ask Anna what type of rock formation this is....

Snow on the top of the Rockies...


Gene and Randy playing in an ice field...

Look at Gene's bald head!!!

Michael & Anna's spectacular mountain view....


Michael & Anna's earth home...a nice cool place for Pekes.

The rear view of Michael and Anna's house.

The Mustang that Gene rented for our adventures to Denver, and other places..... We had a great time and one special evening at The Comedy Works to see comedian, Gabriel Iglesias.

What a Great Show!!!!

Inside the stables.... To the right, was the guesthouse.

Snowmelt feeds this stream that the Pekes play in when it's not so swift.

Nearby Town:Niwot, Co.

In Lyons, Co.

Stables at Quartermaster Farms

Check out the rainbow....View from the stables toward the house.

Nathan in his backyard, with fellow Pekes Eddie & Cheyenne...

Since I'm a big Mustang fan, Michael & Anna took us to the Shelby American Museum, before leaving to spend our last night in Denver......

My Mustang GT, thanks Michael & Anna for taking us to the Shelby Museum, Randy

Nathan and Anna were in a Fur Ball Fashion Show for the Jackson Hole no kill shelter in March.

 Their theme was East Meets West(ern).

 Anna wore gold python cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and a chinese brocade coat. 

Nathan is wearing a little oriental brocade jacket with the Jackson Hole cowboy logo patches sewn on.



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