Rescues & The Inherited




Rescued from Liberty Shelter.

Maverick is such a funny, mischievous Dog.


(American Foxhound)

Gypsy, at first adopted us, she was waiting on our doorstep one day. Rumor has it, her original owners moved away and just left her.  I named her Gypsy because we had heard just went to house to house before finding us.  Gyspy lived out her life in luxury in Hartwell, GA


Gizzie was rescued from a closing no-kill Shelter..  He left on the porch of his long time owner with a note asking her to care for him because the first person who owned him didn't have the money to pay for his eye problems.  He lived with that lady until she died and then he went to a no-kill shelter. Those ladies were forced to close the shelter because they could not meet unreasonable state mandated guidelines.  At that point., Gizzie came to live with us. He made it to sixteen enjoying  his geriatric years as part of the CooDeeFoo pack.


Fama is inherited from Suzanne Culbertson.  At sixteen, she's still part of the CooDeeFoo family.


Earl is now at home with Robbie and Hollie, Byrce and Madeline.


Earl & Suzzie

Earl showed up at the fairgrounds during our Clemson Kennel Club.  Earl now lives the life of luxury with Robbie and Hollie Harrell. Suzzie was returned to her original owner, who later died and she now has returned to CooDeeFoo, where she will remain for the rest of her life.