Spring Garden 2006

Camelias begin the show. They begin blooming in during the December holidays...

Wisteria makes a show when late freezes don't change it to a grapey slush.

After a long day at work, this view greets us as we park our cars... home at last....

A gift from my beloved Aunt, Virginia Hinson.  This seedling from her garden reminds me of fond memories from my youth.  She said it was her "best" red.

Lady Banks Rose, and Crepe Myrtle and other shrubs come together to form a natural canopy that marks the right entrance to the rear garden.

The small flowers of Banana shrub make the whole garden smell like freshly baked banana bread when they are warmed by the April sun.

Mahonia fruits are adored by birds when they are ripe.

This lovely bronze urn is a treasured gift from Floyd Reasons, son of Pekingese legend, Irene Reasons.

This very thorny tri-foliate orange was a gift from my friend Gloria Walker.  She grew it from a seed and gave it to me as a seedling in a peat pellet.  The seeds were collected from the farm where my grandfather Eugene Hinson, Sr. was raised.  His Aunt Cordelia planted the first ones to make thorny fences to keep livestock at bay.  The blooms smell very sweet and the fruits add interest to fall arrangements.  Branches make lovely Easter arrangements.

Azalea, "My Mary" helps us remember our dear friend Mary Zanes, that gave it to us before her death.  It's sweet perfume greets you as you enter the front garden.